A friend of me, Mary just flew to Sarawak last 2 days. I'm her first friend that she told when a mail for the teacher posting she read through. How pity she is, have to fly from Kelantan to Sarawak and she's really in depression. However, it is her responsibility as a teacher to fulfill the requirement. She's brave enough to say that, "I will do it, 3-4 years is just a time. Let's do it as part of responsibility!"

That was 2 weeks ago, Mary went through the depression time and try out to build up bulk of confident and 'redho'. She was in such hard situation, but where I'm those time? I'm just forgot to comfort her, even hardly to send a sms!!

How pity friend I am . :(

On the day she's flew to Sarawak, it was the time I remember of her. Just after a glance of my calendar!!
That the moment when I hardly only can see she's waves goodbye through the plane's window.

What else I can say this time, I miss her. Miss her so much!

No wonder, since that day, Mary will get sms from me everyday. yupp.. a pity friend of her is hardly trying to hold our friendship much longer.

Yeay, she's just sms me. She's understand my situation and hold no 'grudge' for having friendship with a friend like me. phew!! A sign that everything alrights is hearing her chuckle. She is chuckle ok, I'm the one who LAUGH.

Ganbatte Kundasai Cikgu Mary!let's time be just a time, till the moment we will meet again..