I wanna learn new things everyday, I don't know much about vocabulary or grammar then every single new words should be my bread and butter for meal.I do like to be 'Kamus Bergerak' on the go, still learning and keeps on going to learn.

Here is the pillar of KKLW ministry, it is just few pillars but i did some mistakes while translating it.

Original version:-

Teras 1 = Pembangunan prasarana dan ameniti sosial
Teras 2 = Pembasmi kemiskinan
Teras 3 = Pembangunan tanah & wilayah
Teras 4 = Pembangunan ekonomi desa
Teras 5 = Pembangunan Manusia & institusi sosial
Teras 6 = Pembangunan teknologi maklumat & komunikasi
Teras 7 = Pembangunan masyarakat orang asli

My version :-

Core 1 = Infrastructure development and social amenity
Core 2 = Poverty abolitionist
Core 3 = Land & province development
Core 4= Rural economic development
Core 5 = Human & Social Institution Development
Core 6 = Information technology & communication development
Core 7 = Native people/ aborigines community development

English version:- (after been reviewed by translator partner)

Pillar 1 = Development of infrastructures and social amenities
Pillar 2 = Eradication of poverty
Pillar 3 = Development of land and territory
Pillar 4 = Development of rural economy
Pillar 5 = Development of Human and social institutions
Pillar 6 = Development of communication and information technology
Pillar 7 = Development of Orang Asli communities

The slight ambiguity in term of translation happend depends on our knowledge and level of language skills. There's nothing wrong with language as long as we understood the actual meaning, it is where the accurancy and situation of where to use the sentences matters the most.
Eureka! eureka! :)

Not now, i'm busy

I’m constantly bringing new tasks onto my plate. It’s my job to delegate certain tasks and figure out when I have time to execute certain responsibilities. Still wondering around, there's a lot, a bulk or a lorry or a trailer of unfinished 'life to-do list' to be completed.

What matters the most in me are time management and my own self who is not ready to commit.

Related to the 'own readiness', i just remember of meeting a programmer-business guy last month @ Warung Kita (it is actually not ours kopitiam but ya..just a name). He is just a programmer and doing business is just coincidently. Start with freelance for simple application then move forward took Cradle grant (RM50K) to develop a system.

He's applied that grant on his own self, without any business experience and skills related to business, but he do have courage to do so. It is so fast and furious track which he NEVER have time to be ready. His say, "It is what for to be ready? Grab the chance and just do it! ".

Even the chances are not always there for us, we still have the choices which track to be in. It’s always nice to remind ourself of what’s really important in our life. There are career, love and relationship, experiences, own satisfation and chances in life, but they should not come separately. They should be blends together to mould our life.

Let's running forward for career, experiences, own satisfation and taking chances but also take a breath. A breath? ya..i do take a breath – because love is in the air!

For this whole week, my skype status "masslily is running forward". Ermm.. running. Running forward and running backward, running away and running apart. Huh..i just want to run!

[9:24:26 AM] kerol says: don't running foward you'll fall hard, just try hard to
go as far as what your feet can take you and leave the rest to God, you'll find
the true meaning of success

p/s: credit to kerol for his word of wisdom today :p