When buddies and family keeps on asking, Bila balik kampung eh?.They gimme weird face when heard the answer, Ntah la, tiket pn ntah ke mana. How could I do not buy the ticket yet as Tickets selling like hot cakes especially to my destination. haish..teringin beraya kat kl ke? huh!
Then, yesterday is the day for me 'sampai seru' went to tickets' counters with hopeless face to find KL-KB for 18/09/09 night. yeah.. it almost impossible to find the ticket especially for that date. There are four possible things will occurs;
  • All KB Raya tickets sold out
  • There's no ticket on 18 as it is on Friday night which almost workers want to save their AL, finish work for the day and move on balik kampung.
  • If there a ticket, it is 'bas tambahan' only, not comfortable as the express bus
  • Then, my plan B will be executed ---> buat muka seposen tumpang keta kak ngah balik kampung. It is most avoidable situation!
Guess what i got??
  • I get a single and only one left express bus ticket, on Friday night!
  • With the 'huh, face' like image below, i'm can't believe my own eyes..hehe
Yahuuuuu...erk..sempena Ramadhan ini kuucapkan Alhamdulillah.. :)
Send a sms to my cousin;yahuu..dpt tiket 18/9.hehe
Then, she reply with unbelievable 'face' maybe; hehe..mu 2 sokmo g2 ada ong sokmo.