Lord of The Ring (The Return of The King)

GENRE(S): Action Drama Fantasy
DIRECTED BY: Peter Jackson
RUNNING TIME: 210 minutes
ORIGIN: USA / New Zealand

Bird's Eye View

This shows a scene from directly overhead, a very unnatural and strange angle. Familiar objects viewed from this angle might seem totally unrecognized at first. This shot, however, put the audience in a godlike position, looking down on the action. People can be made to look insignificant, ant-like, part of wider scheme of things.

Hand-held Shot
A shot made with the camera held in hand, not on a tripod or other stabilizing fixture.

Extreme Close Up
It is too close to show very dramatic scenes of reactions or emotion.

Long Shot
A shot taken with the camera at a distance from its subject.

A shot in which a face or object fills the frame. Close-ups might be achieved by setting the camera close to the subject or by using a long focal-length lens.

Scene Transition
The moving from one scene to another. The scene 1 fade out while the scene 2 fade in.